The aim of decluttering is to bring calm and harmony back to a space so it is enjoyable and functional again. The pros of having somebody come into your home to help with this is that is cuts out the procrastination stage of throwing away items. It saves buckets of time as working together we can get through it all faster and more effectively with no distractions and hopefully you will pick up some tips along the way. 

Of course every clients home is different which is why we offer the in home consult that way we can look at the space and assess the time we should allow and create an action plan and therefore, deciding which package would be more suitable. It is advised that the client be on site for some forms of decluttering such as wardrobes, kids rooms but we understand that this is not always possible and if this is the case we will go through the space with the client and assess the ‘must stay’/ ‘can give away’ list.

We offer two decluttering packages:

“Kickstart” 4hrs $260

  • In home consult and personalised plan with client.

  • Ideal for focusing on one small area such as Pantry - cull, wipe down and clean out and organise area to improve easy and productive use of space

  • Childs bedroom - Cull of clothes and toys

  • Refreshing the wardrobe - in , out and donate method

“Overhaul” 10hr $650

  • In home consult and personalised plan with client.

  • Intensive organise and declutter of areas such as garage, storage areas, multiple rooms(depending on size and amount of clutter!)

  • Discuss and come up with ways to implement new routines so as to make it possible to keep these areas liveable

Declutter your home and you declutter your mind. Take that first step, you wont regret it!